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“Yarkın has a strong sense of melody, the ability to tell melodies simply and the ability to depict allegorically. This gives him a competent expressive power.”

Feridun Ertaşkan, founder of cazkolik, editor and writer

The Scalp of Baturay's Hand - 26. İstanbul Jazz Festival


Baturay Yarkın was born in a family, full of generations of musicians. He resides in İstanbul, where had been a historical and cultural center of the various civilizations.

When he was 6, he was accepted to Istanbul University State Conservatory, Department of Classical Piano part time program. When he was 13, he trained with his teacher Meral Yapalı for European Young Pianists Competition and he came in 3rd place. He headed to Turkish Music, Argentina Tango and Jazz Music during his study and after his graduation.

“...Virtuosity of the musicians and in particular of the pianist Baturay Yarkın, whose play is not without reminding of Azeri pianists like Shahin Novrasli or Isfar Sarabski.”

Jacques Pauper, co-founder of couleurs jazz radio at zebrajazz

Baturay Yarkın, during La La  Land Solo Jazz Piano Concert


 Baturay Yarkın Trio & Nağme Yarkın – Digital Concert via Sahneport at The Badau İstanbul   24.04.2021 (Tickets are always available)

Ayşe Sicimoğlu & Baturay Yarkın – Işık University Classical Music Concerts  23.11.23.

Ayşen Zülfikar – Işık High School  3.12.23.

Sanat Deliorman Quartet – Nardis Jazz Club  21.12.23.

Ayşen Zülfikar – Yeldeğirmeni Art Center  5.1.24.

Fuat Tuaç – Nardis Jazz Club  9.1.24.

Baturay Yarkın Trio & Nağme Yarkın – Yeldeğirmeni Art Center  26.4.24.