Baturay Yarkın was born in a family, full of generations of musicians. He resides in İstanbul, where had been a historical and cultural center of the various civilizations.

When he was 6, he was accepted to Istanbul University State Conservatory, Department of Classical Piano part time program. When he was 13, he trained with his teacher Meral Yapalı for European Young Pianists Competition and he came in 3rd place. He headed to Turkish Music, Argentina Tango and Jazz Music during his study and after his graduation.


 Baturay Yarkın Trio & Nağme Yarkın – Digital Concert via Sahneport at The Badau İstanbul   24.04.2021 (Tickets are always available)

Yarkın Duo – Piano House Moda  6.8.22

TangEsta – Kalamış Summer Festival  9.8.22.

Baturay Yarkın Trio & Nağme Yarkın – Nardis Jazz Club  15.8.22.

Baturay Yarkın Trio & Nağme Yarkın – Badau İstanbul  17.8.22.

Ayşe Sicimoğlu Trio – Zai Bodrum  18.8.22.

Eren Noyan Band – Gregor Jazz Club  26.8.22.

Onur Ataman Quartet – Ağaç Ev Kadıköy  5.9.22.


The Scalp of Baturay's Hand - 26. İstanbul Jazz Festival